Playa bella menú year,s eve 2018


 Grilled King prawns on a bed masbatic rice and tarragon sauce

Salad with fresh pineapple, mango and papaya witch praws and smoked salmon by cocktail sauce

Fresh vegetables with beans minestrone soup


Creamy spinachs pancake with French cheese sauce and slices of almonds


Shoulder of lamb  witch port sauce and figs

Fillet steak with the old mustard or fresh mushrooms  sauce

Turbot fillet with fresh prawns and lobster souce


Fillets of sole stuffed witch spinachs to the cream and accompanied by a mid French cheese sauce


caramel ice cream with chunks of toffee and baileys liquor

Hot appel cake with vanilla ice cream


Traditional new year,s eve twelve “good luck” grapes

Beer, water and soft drinks

Red wine Ribera Duero legaris crianza 2014

White wine Raimat chardonay

Champan Anna codorniu extra dry

Combined (gin, vozka, wiskys,etc,) not included.